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Upcoming events

    • Wednesday, September 01, 2021
    • Friday, October 01, 2021
    • Virtual

    The 31st Annual BioInterface Workshop & Symposium Virtual September 2021

    During our event you will be enriched by the science and the high quality of interaction that is fostered by the unique blend of industry, academic, regulatory and clinical attendees. There will be opportunities to connect, share and learn on our Surfaces in Biomaterials app.

    Registration will give you access to all sessions throughout the month of September.

    2021 Program

    Event Highlights

    • Workshop: Medical device pioneers
    • Six Technical Sessions
      • Tissue engineering, clinical translation, host-biomaterials interactions and surface modifications
      • Biomedical implants
      • Bioinspired solutions to clinical problems
      • Ophthalmic / Ocular
      • Analytical characterization of medical devices
      • Drug delivery
    • Excellence in Biomaterials Science Award Winner: Dr. William Lee
    • Keynote Speaker: Stuart Williams
    • Student pitch competition
    • Virtual Exhibit hall

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