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Job Posting Information:

This is the information that will be requested for posting a job.  Not all information is required. 

1. Position – open field

2. Job poster's Name and email (not visible) open field

3. Organization – open field

4. Site:  1. City/State - open field            

5. Primary job category of:

* Accounting                 *  Education    

* Internship                  *  Miscellaneous        

* Research             * Non-Profit

* Engineeering

Information for job postings continued:

6.  Type of position – drop down, it will be one of these: 
1. Full time 

2. Part time
3. Volunteer
4. Internship

7.  Education requirement – drop down, it will be one of these: 
1.  < 1 year
2.  1-2 years
        3.  3-5 years
        4.  5-10 years
        5.  > 10 years

8.  Salary – open field with drop down to choose hourly, daily, weekly,
     monthly, yearly

9.  How to apply (is there a link or a contact person?) – open field

10.  Details and Description of the position – open field

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