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Form - this is the information that will be asked for Job Postings. Not all information is required.

  1. Position – open field
  2. Poster's Name and email (not visible) open field
  3. Organization – open field
  4. City – open field
  5. State – drop down from list
  6. Primary category of:
    1. Accounting
    2. Education
    3. Engineering
    4. Internship
    5. Misc.
    6. Non-profit
    7. Research
  7. Education – drop down, it will be one of these:
    1. High School/GED
    2. Associates
    3. Bachelors
    4. Masters
    5. PhD
  8. Type of position – drop down, it will be one of these:
    1. Full time
    2. Part time
    3. Volunteer
    4. Internship
  9. Education requirement – drop down, it will be one of these:
    1. < 1 year
    2. 1-2 years
    3. 3-5 years
    4. 5-10 years
    5. > 10 years
  10. Salary – open field with drop down to choose hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
  11. How to apply (is there a link or a contact person?) – open field
  12. Details and Description of the position – open field

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